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Industry News
LightFair 2009 Featured Products From LightDirectory
May 6, 2009


Manufacturers, give your customers and resellers the ability to perform simple exterior lighting layouts while visiting your website! The web-based Flash_Outdoor software can compute iso-footcandle/lux contours AND point by point illuminance for multiple luminaires or pole mounted arrangements. Drag and drop luminaire placement and extensive right click or mouse-over editing options make program operations intuitive for all web site visitors. Professional pre-formatted output can be printed or emailed directly to a third party. The software appearance can be easily customized via XML to include company branding as well as provide a unique color scheme for the program background and input elements.



Albeo Technologies

Albeo’s C-Series High-Bay has surpassed the next critical step in price and performance for large scale industrial-commercial deployment.  ITL Laboratory independently verified to LM-79 standards Albeo’s HB-B644-011C0-R5 performance: 25,650 lumens with an efficacy of 78.8 lm/W and power factor of 0.99 at 5000K CCT.  The C-Series High-Bay has won both the DOE’s 2008 NGL “market ready” award and Colorado’s “2008 Sustainable Medal of Honor” award.   Priced at better than $50 per kilo-lumen in quantities of 250 units or greater, the combined energy and maintenance savings enable customers to achieve pay-back in 1 to 3 years.




The Ametrix™ Vault series is now available with a luminous visor option. The luminous visor provides cutoff for the patented, asymmetric optical system, while supplying a decorative splash of color to the front of the fixture. Luminous visors are available in blue, green or white. Vault, with luminous visor option, is available in small or large profiles, with integral or remote ballast, for use indoors or outdoors. Lamp sources include metal halide, compact fluorescent or halogen.



AMF Technology

AMF Lighting Technology, Inc., based in California, offers high performance electronic ballast for high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lamps. Our patented ballast design features high power factor (>99%), low current THD (<10%), low current crest factor (<1.45), low operating temperature and timed automatic re-strike after power failure. Our products which are UL certified for both Canada and the United States are covered by a three-year limited warranty. AMF Lighting Technology offers electronic ballasts of 39W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, and 400W. Our MH ballasts operate with pulse-strike and ceramic lamps.




The Maglio is a stunning new addition to our line of high quality, high performance pathway luminaires.  It’s available in three sizes, the LPLMG1 being the smallest. Unique in form and function, its sleek silhouette allows it to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape while providing critical thermal management. Powered by a single high-brightness LED and featuring a rotational shield.  This allows the designer to manage light output for a glare-free presentation.  Machined from solid brass, assembled with Stainless steel hardware and sealed with silicone O-rings, this fixture is as durable and magnificent in precise machining and progressive design.



Bender + Wirth

Lampholder 934 is designed for lamp base PGZ18 for the Philips MasterColor® CDM Elite MW lamp.  The System PGZ18 builds much smaller than comparable, edison-based components, and the size of the luminaries can be drastically reduced.    The accurate and precise positioning of the lamp is critical for the use of high performance reflectors and the control of the light distribution.  The patented contact of our lampholder 934 places the lamp in the correct position within the optical unit.    The user friendly fit system supports a convenient relamping. The correct insertion of the lamp is confirmed by a snap-in-sensation. 




THE EDGE™ Pathway luminaires from BetaLED save 74% more energy at full brightness compared to 70-watt metal halide fixtures and provide additional savings in two-level operation. THE EDGE 100,000-hour LED fixtures provide trustworthy pedestrian lighting for walkways, parkways and common areas and feature three height options (12- and 18-inch landscape fixture; 3-foot bollard fixture; and 8-foot pedestrian fixture) to inspire design creativity. With rugged aluminum housing and integrated battery back-up available, THE EDGE Pathway luminaires are the ideal fixtures to select for well-illuminated pathways that blend flawlessly with building architecture.




Bulbrite is proud to introduce the newest addition of chandelier bulbs to our full line of LED products.  The unique design and arrangement of high powered LED chips allows our chandelier bulbs to provide a full 360 degrees of illumination.  Each LED bulb produces up to 25 watts of illumination from only 2 watts of energy consumption, compared to an incandescent.  The long life (30,000 hours) and warm color of these LED bulbs make them an ideal retrofit solution for a standard incandescent chandelier bulb.









The Corelite Class R3 and the Class RF Retrofit are the latest additions to the Corelite line of shallow recessed fixtures and energy-saving retrofit solutions. Designed with both aesthetics and a comprehensive energy-efficient lamp offering, the products provide low watts per square foot to satisfy the most stringent energy requirements while still offering superior brightness management. The Class R Series’ dual function lens design delivers IES recommended light levels to work surfaces while also delivering vertical brightness to eliminate the cave effect created by parabolics. The Corelite Class RF Retrofit luminaire offers the unique benefit of easily upgrading existing inefficient lighting systems with either T5 or T8 energy-efficient lamps. The innovative mechanical design makes for a fast installation.







Delta Controls


The DLS-E12/36/72 Lighting Cabinets are designed for use with Delta Controls’ native BACnet DLC-P series controllers and with Panasonic’s WR-xxx series relays. Delta Controls offers three cabinet size options, each cabinet is comprised of an enclosure, interior and cover. Cover options include; lockable hinged door with voltage barrier or a screwed cover, both are available with flush mount or surface mount.  The UL listed DLS Lighting Cabinets are factory pre-wired and tested to reduce field installation costs. The flexible cabinet sizes can be used in installations ranging from smaller distributed lighting control solutions to large central installations.


More Info




Dreamscape Lighting


From Dreamscape Lighting comes Hidden Cove, a unique LED light source hidden inside an aluminum extruded floating reveal.  The soft glow of Hidden Cove creates a unique ambience. Hidden Cove also enables the installation of sections that can create angular light designs that challenge the imagination. The look is seamless, the impression flawless.  Your environment will bask in the ambience of a truly unique and Green architectural light source.







Eclipse Lighting


The Liverpool Series wall mount sconce is the newest addition to the many full cut-off fixtures by Eclipse Lighting, compliant with Dark Sky standards.  Contemporary design of this wall mount sconce makes it both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The Liverpool is able to withstand high light output while providing proper shielding from direct glare, and consequently increasing safety.


More Info 






The Fail-Safe TriSeal Series is designed to meet the most stringent requirements in Clean Room applications. The enclosed, gasketed housing and one-piece door protect against infiltration of airborne bacteria. Unique design elements on the door and housing prevent air exchange between the fixture and plenum, making re-lamping possible without contaminating the area. The series is available for recessed, flange and surface-mounted configurations and include 1' x 2', 1' x 4', 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' sizes with T5, T8 and biax lamping options. The TriSeal Series is IP65 rated and certified for wet locations.







GE Lighting


GE Immersion™ LED display case lighting provides a brighter, more uniform look throughout the entire display.  Multiple point sources of light increase visual reflectivity and sparkle.  Using specially designed optics, peak light is focused to the center of the case and radiates out across the case surface.  Lighting is distributed more evenly throughout the entire case to improve average case luminance.  The Immersion™ LED lighting is energy efficient with up to nearly 80 percent energy savings vs. halogen.  And, with a rated life of 50,000 hour (L70), the LED system reduces hassle and maintenance expenses associated with lamp replacement. 





Halo Lighting


The Halo tradition of innovation continues with the introduction of 5" and 6" aperture new construction and remodel housings utilizing a new spiral twist compact fluorescent lamp and ballast system from Osram Sylvania. The lamp’s petite size provides enhanced visual comfort, good cutoff and low glare. The lamp also boasts a superior color rendering index (86 CRI) that flatters skin tones, accurately portrays cosmetics and produces vivid reds. The electronic ballast is a new multi-wattage design allowing for interchangeability of 16W, 21W or 28W lamps. Housings are AIR-TITE™ and meet ENERGY STAR® and Title 24 compliance standards. Halo’s wide selection of trim styles, which were originally designed for incandescent “A-Lamps”, are interchangeable with the new Eco-Twist CFL housings.







Hera Lighting

Hera’s new CANLED provides a quick ROI alternative to MR16 and other can type products. Combining  only 6 watts of power with a 50,000 lamp life, CANLED affects your bottom line immediately. Please visit us in Booth 145 to see this and other new LED technologies for cabinet, furniture and displays.




Affordably enhance your movie experience!  HAI’s basic Home Theater Lighting Kit (Promo5Theater) is incredibly easy to install and requires no new wires; simply plug it all in.  Use your remote control to turn down the lights as the movie begins.  Select up to four different lighting scenes to ensure proper lighting in any situation .  Add any of HAI’s products for additional safety, entertainment, or energy management benefits.  Includes two 600W Dimming Switches, two Plug-in Lamp Modules, Scene Switch with Plug-in Cradle, Remote Control, and Phase Coupler.



Interlectric Corporation

Specialty fluorescent lamp manufacturer and the maker of True Lite® full spectrum lighting. True Lite® is the lighting choice that most closely matches the color qualities of natural daylight inside.  Available in T8 and T12 lamps. The advantage of full spectrum fluorescent lighting is it virtually eliminates color distortion and allow for near perfect color matching. 



io Lighting

The io radii 38 is an LED-based Trackhead, Adjustable Monopoint and Surface-Mounted Downlight that is 38/8" in diameter. Radii offers two light output options equivalent to 90W PAR38 and 35W PAR30 CMH candlepower distribution at all angles, while only drawing 25W and 45W respectively. Field interchangeable optical lenses and shielding media (cross blade baffle & snoot) are held captive in a screw base bezel. Cast aluminum components are available in White, Black, and Silver. Chromaticity options: 2700 K, 3000 K & 5000 K. CRI is 85. Lamp life is 50,000 hours.



Juno Lighting Group

Residential, retail, commercial… it’s the right light. No matter what the environment – the Juno LED Downlight is the new, improved approach to recessed lighting. Extremely low energy consumption, remarkably long life, minimal heat generation, and uniform illumination make it the right answer for so many applications. Three color temperatures; 3000K, 3500K and 4100K, are available in five and six-inch housings in new construction and remodel styles. All housings are IC-rated for use in either insulated or non-insulated ceilings.



LaMar Lighting

Our exhibit will be featuring some of our newest technology enhanced lighting products including the award winning Occu-Smart motion sensor controlled bi-level lighting system along with the introduction of Control-Smart.  Control-Smart provides wireless switch technology that can be programmed in the field for multiple fixture control.  This system easily integrates with available occupancy sensors and is an affordable and easy way to meet LEED credit 6.1 by allowing for individual user control.  Control-Smart is available factory-installed in many LaMar luminaires.  http://www.lamarlighting.com/  http://www.occusmart.com/



LEDtronics® announces its latest generation of PAR20-style LED spotlight bulbs with a maximum power draw of less than 6 watts. These direct screw-in, incandescent-replacement bulbs combine advanced Light Emitting Diode (LED) technologies, standard 26mm Edison screw bases and light-optimizing designs to produce vivid, narrow-beam light. The PAR20-6W LED bulbs are available in two light-emitting angles—20° and 40°—and run on a voltage range of 100V to 260V AC current, and thus can be used almost anywhere in the world. 




Wireless technology means no new wiring is required. Self-powered technology takes advantage of available ambient light to power the occupancy sensors and kinetic energy to power the remote switch. Combine these technologies with occupancy sensing and you save as much as 50% in installation costs and as much as 80% on lighting energy use.


Unlimited flexibility, easy installation, and cost savings in installation, maintenance, renovation and energy use.




Lightronics announces the introduction of the new AK-1005 Architectural Key Pad. The unit is designed to work with the existing line of Lightronics architectural dimming systems. The unit is a wall mounted key pad that installs in a single gang box. It communicates with the dimming system via low voltage bi-directional RS-485 protocol using a two-twisted pair cable. Each keypad consists of five push buttons that are backlit with blue LED status indicators. Each button provides recall of a lighting scene stored within the dimming systems non-volatile memory.  The sleek sophisticated look provides endless design possibilities for all environments. Options include engraved buttons and infrared remote operation. Available in white it comes complete with a screw-less decorative trim panel.




The adjustable inground 660 luminaire is available with a round or square faceplate (7-15/32") and accepts a 50W AR111 lamp that features a unique 4° super spot optic that is only available in the AR111 lamp. The 660 boasts a shallow housing design (5-3/4" depth) allowing for more application possibilities and added installation ease. The fixture features 15º tilt and 360º rotation of the lamp module. Stainless steel is the standard, but the fixture is also available in Brass, Bronze and Copper as well as all standard Lumière paint finishes.




LIFI leads a new class of solid-state plasma light sources that combine the best features of solid-state electronics and plasma lighting. The results are energy efficiency, long-life, complete color spectrum and dimming for applications like street & area, architectural, entertainment and industrial lighting.




The new wireless ceiling-mount occupancy sensor from Lutron is an innovative, wireless sensor designed for easy installation and optimum savings.
• Sensor requires no wiring
• Locating or moving sensor is simple with temporary-to-permanent mounting bracket
• Front-accessible buttons test coverage and RF communication to RF dimmer or switch
• Adding multiple sensors and additional RF controls provides scalable solutions
• Cutting edge detection technology significantly reduces false offs
• 10 year battery life design
• Sensor can be programmed as a vacancy sensor (dedicated vacancy-only model available to meet Title 24)




Cooper Lighting's McGraw-Edison Generation LED Post Top Luminaire combines aesthetics with superior photometric performance offering even and uniform illumination without pixilation. Designed to deliver comparable illumination to a 100W HID system but offering over 50% in energy savings, Generation LED’s modular light engine can be specified as a source option for new installations, or purchased separately for retrofit applications of pre-existing Generation Series HID fixtures. Offering over 100 unique looks, the form and function of the Generation Series remains unchanged with the implementation of this proprietary LED technology.



Metalux Lighting

Ideal for commercial offices, schools, hospitals and retail merchandising areas, the new OpticaHP High Performance T8 Parabolic utilizes an energy-saving, high-performance T8 system (32W) which saves over 40% on energy cost when compared to the standard three-lamp, 18-cell parabolic. The OpticaHP series utilizes a ribbed louver to produce soft, even illumination. Compatible with all of today's popular ceiling systems, theOpticaHP is a solution for both retrofits and new installations. The high-performance luminaire exceeds mandated energy regulations such as California's Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1 2001.




Your Lighting Project is Unique. Millerbernd Lighting is prepared to provide you a unique solution. Each custom lighting fixture is designed and built to address your specific needs. Each custom solution leverages the latest design and engineering technologies to ensure a cost-effective quality fixture. By incorporating the latest LED technology, our solutions can provide both cost savings and energy conservation. Our award-winning metal shop can fabricate your unique architectural fixtures in a wide range of materials—specializing in stainless steel applications. No matter how difficult or unique of a challenge you are confronting, Millerbernd Lighting will deliver a cost-effective solution.



MP Lighting

This 12 x 1.2W L72 LED fixture provides flexible accent lighting and general directional illumination. It mounts to a standard j-box or MP Lighting rail system with a remote driver. The L72 is dimmable with a remote driver. The luminaire is available in four color temperatures and three beam spreads. 

More Info


Neo-Ray Lighting

Series 1B is a revolutionary lighting system concept, seamlessly integrating vital building systems and high-efficiency lighting into one simple element. Combining innovation, aesthetics and performance, the single lamp modular design features a floating lensed microlouver on 1" centers with stylish injection-molded end caps, creating a truly distinctive look. The louver’s clear, ribbed overlay provides high efficiency with superior glare control. The fixture’s unique design features utility compartments to house occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, sprinklers, speakers or MR16 downlights for added versatility. Available individually or for continuous runs, the Series 1B is available in various housing lengths and is compatible with the Armstrong TechZone™ ceilings and other 6" on-center ceiling grid systems.



Nora Lighting

Introducing our newest LED Track luminaires from Nora Lighting. Featuring the latest in high output LED technology and integrating the warm white color of incandescent lamps with the high performance of an accent luminaires. Available for Track and Nora Rail, these low wattage and energy efficient luminiares have an advanced thermal management design to ensure long life and optimal performance. LED technology provides light that is absent of projected heat, UV and infrared rays; excellent for heat sensitive merchandise such as perishables, apparel and artwork. Offered at 3000K and 4200K with with three beam spreads. All styles available at the 3rd quarter.



Ocean Optics

The Jaz Measuring Suite from Ocean Optics is a modular, handheld optical-sensing instrument that is a remarkably efficient tool for the analysis of LEDs, flat panel displays, lamps and other radiant sources. Its small footprint and onboard display make Jaz ideal for relative intensity measurements of incandescent, high-intensity discharge, UV curing and fluorescent lamps as well as low-power sources like LEDs and OLEDs. Jaz’s Ethernet and battery modules offer unparalleled portability and its storage capabilities (SD card slots) allow you greater freedom than ever before.




OPTIS CAD-integrated light simulation software enables you to model any lighting system in order to simultaneously optimize its lighting performance and energy efficiency.  Maximize light output, uniformity, while reducing the number of light sources required. See exactly what your design will look like, lit & unlit, using OPTIS’ unique human vision model and libraries of measured materials, surfaces and sources including the latest LED/OLED sources. OPTIS software are seamlessly integrated in industry-standard CAD platforms SolidWorks and Pro/ENGINEER guaranteeing seamless workflow without data transfer. Reduce lead times, diagnose and resolve potential problems and optimize your product earlier in the design process.



Phoenix Products

The Nico Indirect fixture is one of eight indirect luminaires in Phoenix Products’ architectural series. This luminaire eliminates direct lamp glare by locating the primary reflector in the optical housing and focusing light onto the white aluminum upper canopy. The result is glare-free, even illumination on the ground below, providing the perfect solution for park and pedestrian illumination.






Available in 6" aperture (accepting a T4 or T6 CMH lamp) or 9-1/2" aperture (accepting a T9 CMH lamp), the new recessed lens downlight family is ideal for critical applications requiring good color rendering (90 CRI), excellent light control, long life and high efficiency such as retail stores, atrium spaces, school and auditoriums, Houses of worship and healthcare facilities. The 210W and 315W T9 ceramic metal halide downlights are an energy-saving alternative for probe start 250-400W quartz metal halide sources. The downlights feature a two-stage reflector system that produces smooth distribution with excellent light control and low aperture brightness. Three-position lamp socket provides a 50° lens and a 50° lens image cutoff with narrow, medium and wide distributions. A dedicated lamp base prevents substitution of lower CRI quartz metal halide lamps, and lamp positions can be locked out, preventing inadvertent change of focus during re-lamp.



RSA Lighting

RSA’s Combo Next Generation fixtures are now available in one or two light configurations as an AIR-TITE™ IC housing. All of the same features associated with the Combo Next Generation products, including the new spring-loaded, lockable double gimbal lampholders and RSA’s state-of-the-art trim or trimless inserts, are available with these new fixtures. Other unique features include GOT NAIL!™ hanger bars for easy residential mounting and an all new enclosed housing that is rated for direct contact with insulation material. The housing includes integral low voltage transformer for 12V MR16 50W maximum. Fixture is available in standard white, black and silver finishes.



Sentry Electric

Sentry Electric has produced quality outdoor light fixtures for 50 years, for landmark destinations such as Central Park, Yale University, and Beverly Hills, CA. Cast-aluminum and iron construction; polycarbonate globes; and sculptured lines support Sentry’s classic or contemporary styles for any landscape. Matching poles, bollards and brackets complement the architect’s design. Sentry works with architects and artists to develop custom, copyright-protected designs for unique and exclusive projects. And Sentry always supports its customers from initial order to final installation.



Shaper Lighting

The new line of commercial and residential pendants, ADA wall sconces and surface luminaires features high-quality construction, unique fabric choices and a modular design for easy modification and convenient installation. A wide variety of specification options include eight distinct shapes, 12 diverse scales, and multiple suspension and finish options. The Fabriqué Series’ premium manufacturing process features shades that have “hand-tucked edges” with minimal or no visual hardware or structural trim. The 14 standard fabrics were carefully selected to meet today’s design industries’ popular colors and include specialty fabrics from the San Francisco Mart. The company can also easily accommodate fabric supplied by a customer.



SLP Lighting

SLP Lighting introduces the Citadel 2 Enclosure with New Optically Clear Lens.  It has all the same advantages of Citadel 2; optimized for energy efficiency, protects lighting in demanding environments, is very durable and easy to clean and service, plus more. The Optically Clear Lens is impact resistant acrylic, that is injection molded for optical clarity and strength.  At 3 ½” deep, the lens is designed specifically for use with reflectors. SLP offers two reflector options for the clear lens, both with an enhanced specular finish. The Optically Clear Lens is available in 4 and 8 ft lengths.




The Concealed Emergency Light (CEL) Series is designed for applications where the finest architectural appearance is required. This emergency light is fully recessed in the wall or ceiling and is almost invisible when not in use. When power is lost, the doors open automatically, lighting a path of egress up to 150 feet from two powerful MR16 halogen lamps (up to 75W each). The fixture automatically returns to the closed position when power is restored. The CEL has four available locking lamp positions for each lamp, ensuring optimal light distribution. The fixture comes with a specification grade durable off-white textured powder coat finish that can be field painted or covered with wallpaper to match any color or surface.




Ultrasave announces the newest additions to its electronic ballasts for T8 and T5HO applications.  Our new dimming electronic ballasts feature programmed rapid start ignition, prolonging lamp life in frequent on-off applications, and multiple input voltage technology enabling operation at any input voltage from 120 to 277 volts at 50/60 Hz.  These ballasts are also designed with a lamp end-of-life protection circuit that automatically shuts off power as the lamp approaches its EOL. With full-range continuous dimming capability of 100% to 5% (T5HO to 1%) and compatibility with 0-10 volt controllers, these ballasts offer greater energy savings and installation flexibility.




Taking a new spin on an existing product, W2 Architectural Lighting has released VAMP™ LED Track Luminaires. VAMP™ track luminaires deliver a high level of performance and aesthetics needed for all applications. The newly introduced VAMP™ LED track luminaires are available in warm and cool color temperatures; which deliver light output at 9w, 18w & 30w lamping options. These fixtures are crafted using die-cast aluminum construction which allows crucial operating temperature to stay below rated temperature, enabling a potential lamp life of 50,000 hours. VAMP™ LED is also available with 10 and 25 degree beam spread options and are offered in Black, White & Platinum finishes.



Watt Stopper

Digital Lighting Management is an all-digital suite of plug-together lighting controls that automatically configures to the most energy efficient operation. DLM meets and exceeds energy code requirements, saves more energy than conventional controls, and provides an unprecedented return on investment for new construction and retrofit projects. With DLM, each room or space in a building has its own control network where you simply connect room controllers, occupancy sensors, switches and photocells as needed with Cat 5e RJ45 cables. Plug n’ GoTM then recognizes what is connected and configures the space.


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