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Get A Grip On Lighting - Farewell For Now
October 4, 2022
Henrik Clausen is leaving Get a Grip on Lighting. In this episode, he and Michael look back on his time as host. It was fun and emotional. They touch upon lighting for the office, teaching about lighting, selling darkness and our relationship to fire. Don’t worry, we’ll get Henrik back now and again. Henrik Clausen B Eng; M IDA, M IESNA, Associated Professor, AAU Henrik has been involved in lighting for over 30 years in both commercial and academic positions.
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Get A Grip On Lighting - Instant Gratification
September 22, 2022
Have you ever had a contractor ask, “Where’s my stuff?” As Matthew says, his product OrdrTrak will help you find “stuff.” In other words, it’ll help with – just like the name says – order tracking. In 2022, we want “instant gratification,” and more of it. Can the technology keep up with the demand? As Michael says, the problems seem to be perpetuating themselves faster than the solutions can catch up.
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