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Industry News
Featured LightFair Products From Light Directory
June 2, 2008


Lighting Analysts, Inc., a world leader in lighting design, calculation and rendering software for the architectural lighting community, is pleased to release version 2.0 of its award-winning AGi32 lighting design software. With many new or revised features and a new intuitive interface, AGi32 2.0 improves the speed and ease of use for lighting calculation and visualization on-screen or in print.




The SL-29 TRIO from ALLSCAPE is cutting edge in-ground technology utilizing multiple independently controllable high performance led systems.  The SL-29 TRIO in-ground luminaire from ALLSCAPE comes with three independent optical systems (HID, CFL, LED) that can be hot aimed.  A low temperature dual lens version is available. It is designed to only use electronic ballasts and the three light sources can be independently switched on and off. A high performance dual T5HO asymmetric wall-wash system is available. It also provides the most powerful in-ground LED solution available using   three C-101 with DMX from Philips Solid State Lighting for RGB, or three Lamina Titan 25W LEDs for fixed colors.




The Ametrix Vault asymmetric series offers style, performance, and adaptability. When used for indirect lighting of environments with ceilings that have poor reflective characteristics (dark colors, glass panels, etc.), Ametrix can provide an integral, adjustable “sail” that’s properly scaled for the fixture, lamp type, lamp wattage, and the space itself. Additional innovative design features include Dual-Peak™ performance optics (patent pending), a pointGrab™ lockable aiming system, and toolless entry. Lamp sources include standard, ceramic, and pulse start metal halide from 20W to 400W. Other available sources include compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent, and tungsten halogen.




The SPYDER series luminaire combines performance, technology, efficiency and architectural detail.  By utilizing the Beghelli LUCE light engine; the SPYDER is up to five times more efficient than conventional luminaires and will retain up to 70% of its initial light output up to an estimated 50,000 hours.  Available with white, RGB color mixing or single color LED light engines. The SPYDER housing is fabricated from high-strength aluminum alloy with an anodized finish or hard anodized finish.  SPYDER is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications including: row lighting, high/low bay installations and outdoor illumination. 



Beta Lighting

THE EDGE™  Round architectural form luminaire from BetaLED™ delivers performance, efficiency and longevity. This is the latest addition to the Beta LED product line. Stylish direct and spider-mount fixtures are four-inches in profile and 23-inches in diameter with lumen maintenance of greater than 70 percent for 100,000 hours. Type II, III, IV and V optics are available.



Bruck Lighting

The patented RAINBOW by Bruck is made up of an inner cased frosted glass and an outer dichroic coated glass.  Now offered in sunrise finish (red-yellow), this glass comes as a single unit pendant with canopy and transformer/driver or as a uniplug pendant for Bruck Track Systems.  Bruck’s Rainbow pendants and sconces offer the option of a bi-pin halogen light source or a 3W LED light source.  The patented Rainbow is available in two sized pendants and sconces or as a spot fixture.



Con-Tech Lighting

Optica Adjustable T6 Ceramic Metal Halide. Instantly change the beam distribution from SPOT to NARROW FLOOD to FLOOD with its cool-to-the-touch adjustment knob. High performance optics provide maximum performance at each beam distribution and lockable precision aiming with 360º horizontal and 180º vertical rotation offers versatility in the field. It’s why Con-Tech Lighting makes it better.




The ultra shallow recessed direct-indirect Corelite Class R series features an innovative and unobtrusive low-profile housing shape that provides the perfect answer to constrained plenum space. The sleek design offers easy installation—in the tightest spaces—in half the space required for traditional lay-ins. T5 energy efficient technology with highly efficient optical engineering aids in sustainable design. The ability to reduce plenum space and potentially save stories of building materials is perhaps its highest overall impact on architecture.




The Visual Therapy luminaires help create a healing environment by illuminating world-class photographic images from Joey Fischer, nature photographer and Smithsonian Award Recipient.  The series is available in standard, clean room, or MRI-LED models and in a variety of mural configurations ranging from 2' x 2' to 4' x 12'.  The luminaires can be installed throughout an entire healthcare facility.



Halo Lighting

Halo adds to its line of Energy Star and Title 24 compliant choices with 6" aperture compact fluorescent, slope ceiling housings (H247ICAT and H248ICAT1D). Designed for ceilings with 2/12 to 6/12 pitch, the housings provide pleasing illumination by aiming the lamp straight down regardless of ceiling pitch. The H247ICAT version with electronic residential ballast accommodates 26W, 32W or 42W CFLs and provides quick starts and flicker-free operation. The H248ICAT1D version allows dimming down to nominally 15% with 2-wire fluorescent dimmers and standard 2-wire plus ground wiring.  Trim choices include white or black baffles.



Hatch Transformers

Hatch Transformers introduces new additions to their already popular "Nano" series electronic HID ballasts. These new "low ignition voltage" ballasts are available in 22 and 39 watt models and will operate HID lamps designed for the PGJ5 sockets. These ballasts will be available in side feed exit or bottom feed exit and will be for 120 or 277 volt applications. With their small size and multiple mounting options, they will easily fit into most new fixture designs.



io Lighting

The io line series 1.5 is a new LED exterior linear accent luminaire that delivers highly controlled beam patterns for low flux floodlighting and sign lighting applications. Approximately 1.5" in diameter and UL listed for wet locations, the LED-based linear floodlight series is ideal for grazing and accent illumination for building facades and lighting bridges. The low voltage linear luminaire may be ordered in incremental nominal lengths including 18" and 36". Optional beam spreads along the perpendicular axis of the fixture include 10°, 45° and 65°.



IRiS Lighting

Targeting prestigious residential and commercial properties, the meticulously designed 4" square aperture recessed downlights feature unmatched modular design and a two-stage optical system producing smooth distribution with excellent light control. Innovative features include translating center beam optics; hot aiming capabilities with locking rotation and tilt; and an adjustable collar that can be rotated ±7.5° and raised/lowered by 1⁄2" through the aperture to provide precise alignment. Lamp type and trim can be reconfigured from below the ceiling allowing changes in the fixture’s function during the construction process or in the future as the needs of the space evolve.



Juno Lighting Group

As a response to the growing demand for LED lighting for residential and commercial applications, Juno Lighting Group TM introduces the Trac 12 Low Power LED (TL201LED) with superior energy efficiency and long life. An improvement on similar xenon and halogen lighting for use in coves, under cabinets, and as shelf display or task lighting, the TL201LED consumes less than 15 percent of the power of conventional-watt low voltage xenon lamps and has more than double the life at 50,000 hours.




Kramer® Lighting presents KramerLED™, our new line of LED fixtures for indoor applications. KramerLED uses the latest LED technology in combination with superior optics, efficient drivers and effective thermal management. KramerLED is the perfect blend of form and function delivering maximum efficiency, high-performance, and extended longevity.




LEDtronics® continues to expand its extensive offerings of Based LEDs to include all industry standard bases: Candelabra Screw, Edison Screw, Midget Flange, Wedge, Sub-Midget Flange, Mini-Bayonet and Telephone Slide. The availability of a variety of LED options from 3mm (T1) "grain-of-wheat" to 25mm direct screw-in replacements for incandescent bulbs are enabling LEDs to be use in more innovative ways, both indoors and outdoors. LEDtronics LED lamps are available in all standard domestic and international voltages.




By combining an architectural form with superior lighting performance, AVID offers a scalable, aesthetically pleasing series of luminaires that satisfies the needs of lighting designers, architects, and building owners. The series is designed with four scaled sizes, enabling one consistent look throughout an application from the general lighting of large open spaces to decorative accents over counters and retail displays. The AVID series offers a variety of optical choices including a borosilicate glass lens, prismatic acrylic lens, high performance aluminum reflector and an optional shroud.   With a large range of lamping options that include 20-400W metal halide, single and multi-lamp compact fluorescent, quartz halogen, and incandescent, the series offers a high performance solution for wide array of applications.




Lumière's new LED family includes additions to its most popular existing product lines including Accent/Flood, Pathway, Wall, Sign and Underwater luminaires.  In combination with the recently released Rio Step Lights, Lumière now offers a full range of energy efficient LED solutions for every landscape lighting need. The family features a proprietary, in-house designed LED device utilizing three high output LED's, thermal feedback control and an onboard driver for superior performance.



McGraw Edison Lighting

The McGraw-Edison Envoy is a versatile parking garage luminaire featuring a patent pending “quick mount/release” bracket system, toolless mounting/access, and hands-free wiring for simple and efficient mounting and maintenance. Savings results in both reduced labor and garage down time, in addition to minimizing maintenance crew’s exposure to traffic areas. Excellent optical performance is combined with many egress options such as an exclusive halogen MR16 task light used as a primary or emergency means to light signage, pathways, stairwells and more.



Metalux Lighting

Providing the right amount of light while eliminating surface shadows commonly found in parabolics, the Surface Mount Accord redefines fluorescent lighting by improving on aesthetics, comfort and energy savings. Ideal for use in corridors, stairwells, hospitals and schools, the Accord is designed for areas that do not use a grid-ceiling system and is an energy efficient alternative to traditional surface mount fixtures. The frosted acrylic lenses provide soft, but effective distribution of light. Available in 2 'x 2' and 2' x 4' sizes, the Accord accepts two T5 lamps.  Its low profile (3-13/16") makes it an ideal retrofit solution.



Neo-Ray Lighting

The wall mounted aluminum extruded fixture features a low profile, crisp aluminum extrusion that serves as a wall cove, while the high performance single lamp T5/T5HO optical system provides uniform, indirect illumination. Available in 3', 4', 6' and 8' lengths, the 74IW is a mere 6-1⁄2" W X 1-3⁄4" H and can specified with an electronic or dimmable ballast.  Optional corners are also available.



Nora Lighting

Nora Lighting has expanded its line of HID Downlight fixtures with the addition of a 4-inch aperture series that utilize T4, T6, Par20 and GX10 MR16 Metal Halide sources from 20 to 70 Watts.  The architectural housing features a steel constructed plaster frame, two adjustable universal mounting brackets, fingers on all sides to hold flat bar hangers, electronic ballast and inherent thermal protection.  A selection of die-cast, high performance trims including aluminum reflectors in a range of beam distributions, baffle and adjustable elbow is available. All units are UL and cUL listed.



Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics offers a complete line of products for making, measuring and modifying light. Among our modular tools for measuring light are radiometrically calibrated spectrometers, calibration standards and sampling devices such as integrating spheres and optical fibers. By mixing and matching these components to optimum effect, users can build systems to measure absolute or relative irradiance and color of LEDs, flat panel displays and other radiant sources. Relative irradiance measurements include color temperature and color rendering index. OEM-level discounts and support are available. See us at LIGHTFAIR Booth 2621.




Be sure to visit Radionic at booth #439 this year at Lightfair. In addition to its full line of electronic and magnetic ballasts, Radionic’s booth will feature it’s full line of LED lighting fixtures.  Get a first peak at the ZX Series—The first line of economically priced, energy saving  LED fixtures available immediately. 



RSA Lighting

The new LED Shelf Light is perfect for applications that require a high-performance display lighting solution in tight spaces under shelves and cabinets. Features include a five point array of 1.2 watt LEDs, 2800 K (Kelvin) warm white color, 130º optics, and 41,000 hour life at 50% of output. The die-cast aluminum fixture features a choice of three tempered glass lenses (Drop, Surface and Recessed). The housing includes built-in “fins” and an aluminum core circuit board for enhanced heat dissipation. The system is set up for remote power with a modular plug to quick connect to the driver, and may be ordered with or without a remote driver for easy specification. Available in standard architectural finishes.




The new SeaChanger Studio Dichroics Series CYMG hexachromic color changer is compatible with all beam-shaping ETC Source Four accessories and produces rich, vibrant lighting hues for broadcast and film, club and corporate event lighting, and subtractive gobo mixing applications. The four-filter CYMG color engine attaches to the reflector housing of any Source Four Ellipsoidal and uses robust dichroic filter technology to create stable, reproducible colors that do not shift or fade with time or temperature. Color transitions from clear to 100% saturation are possible in less than one second. See us at LIGHTFAIR Booth 2621.



Shaper Lighting

This new Shaper series features two recessed housing sizes (5" & 7") and offers a choice of LED, CFL, MH and INC lamp options.  The installed fixtures have a low profile that is less than 2-1⁄2" off the finished surface. The trim rings and finals are available in all of Shaper’s standard finishes including natural aluminum, chrome and copper. The decorative elements feature sustainable materials such as recycled glass, bamboo rings and fabric, as well as standard frosted acrylic. Most elements are available for interior and exterior applications. IP65 rated and ADA compliant.



Sirius Lighting

Shine. This exquisite Sirius pendant features 60 hand-cut Austrian crystals. The low voltage halogen lamp creates a magical sparkle for almost any application. Can be used as a mono-point pendant or on the beautifully unique Sirius rail system.





The Edge-Lit Combo (ELC) Series is an architectural grade emergency fixture that combines an LED exit sign with MR11 emergency lights. When compared with similar units, the ELC offers a much smaller, less noticeable footprint while providing state-of-the-art electrical design and the latest lamping technology. A patented snap-in acrylic lens (universal face) with field-installed chevrons provides easy ordering and installation. Standard features include code approved self-diagnostics and laser testing, along with remote battery capacity to power additional lamps. Brushed aluminum (standard) or an optional white powder coat finish is available.



Teron Lighting

Teron Lighting manufactures a moderately priced indoor/outdoor decorative line consisting of ceiling, close to ceiling pendants, sconces, vanity, and HID. Teron also makes a mid-priced architectural line with large bowl pendants, sconces, ceiling and outdoor. Many options and customs choices are available in both lines. Both of Teron’s lines have the versatility to be used in hospitality, assisted living, vandal resistant, educational facilities, property management, military bases and retail applications. Customs and modifications are also available. Delivery times are very reasonable on all sizes of projects. Teron helps tight budgets get through with quality products.



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